My Story

My name is Shannon and I love turtles. Many think this love influenced my college decision and I’ll admit it didn’t hurt that suddenly my collection of turtle items would be considered school pride. I recently earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Geographical Sciences  and am currently working on finishing my Master’s in International Development Policy with a focus in Non-Profit Management and Leadership at the University of Maryland. Besides my love for turtles I also happen to enjoy reading. Enjoy might be an understatement, since I tend to get so enthralled with a book I forget the world exists until the final page arrives (this may cause a whole other issue, but thats besides the point). I also enjoy binging shows on Netflix and who can resist Chip and Joanna Gaines fixing up a house on HGTV. Thats enough about me, since I’m quite sure you will learn much more through my posts on the blog!