Apps For Your Library Card

I absolutely love to read and would spend my life doing it if I could somehow support myself that way. Since reading books all day can get quite expensive I have found two apps that have made it much easier to do what I love and not go broke. I will admit that I still have a tendency to buy books, but the library has always been a great resource when my broke college student wallet needs to prioritize food. There are quite a few different apps out there for accessing your library books. I primarily use two of the ones my library does licenses through. This is especially great for those of you that can’t always get to the library or are away at school.


I have been using Overdrive for quite a few years now and it has definitely gotten better over time. I love this app, because I can put in my library card number and moments later have access to thousands of books to borrow. There is still the concept of putting books on hold and getting them for 14 to 21 days, but it is far cheaper than buying the books or paying for a subscription service that likely doesn’t have the books you want to read. The app also has audiobooks that you can borrow and the best part is that it only uses wi-fi during the initial download. I keep the app on my phone for listening to books while on the bus or metro. In the past month I’ve listened to four audiobooks and the best part is that they were FREE!

Cloud Library

Previously named 3M Cloud this one is a bit less popular, but still used by my library for digital copies.  I really like the format of this app and it seems like I can usually borrow the books right away. This one does not have audiobooks, but still contains a vast amount of books. If you don’t manage to finish a book in the days allotted to you it will save your spot for the next time you borrow it.

I also like that both apps download the books or audiobooks to your device to be used offline. This is great for the metro where there is no service and friendly towards my phone bill. Also, it automatically returns the book for you, which is a bonus for those of us that forget to get a book back and rack up late fees. If you’re a huge reader or looking for recommendations feel free to friend me on Goodreads!

What apps do you use to read your books or do you like it old school with an actual book?