I’m Feeling 22!

I’ve known in the back of my mind that my birthday was coming, but for some reason I wasn’t getting excited or making plans. This may have to do with it being a very stressful semester and having a packed week with my birthday being just one more thing I have to do. It can stink to have your birthday during the week. I had a paper due, a class debate, two 2.5 hour classes, an hour meeting between, and was supposed to be attending a two hour event after all of that. I started to stress about my birthday and think I was going to get stuck alone running between a million things. So I said no to what I could and made plans to head home to spend the night with family and friends for dinner. Last year I sucked it up and sat through class on my 21st birthday and decided this year I wasn’t going to miss out again.

School is important, but I only get to turn 22 once and want to appreciate it. Making that decision also led me to plan trips for the summer. I have been so focused on school and work that I have been forgetting to live my life. You always hear elders say that you only get to be young once and I want to make sure I can look back and know that I appreciated the years when I could. As a result I have made a bucket list for my twenty second year of life!

  1. Take a trip to the beach with family
  2. Visit my best friend in Los Angeles
  3. Visit my best friend in Nashville
  4. Go to Disneyland or world (I’ve never been to either)
  5. Go to Universal for Harry Potter
  6. Work on the book I’ve been writing in my head
  7. Volunteer with a local charity
  8. Live a healthier lifestyle (diet, sleep, and exercise)
  9. Take advantage of moments with others
  10. Get outside more with my puppy

When my boyfriend and I first met we made a big bucket list of all the things we were going to do. As we started checking them off the list we also started dating and more things got added. I stumbled upon it the other day and saw there were a few things we never managed to cross off that I might tackle this year.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year? Any suggestions for my list?


5 Facts About the Blogger

The thing I most dreaded at the beginning of each semester is the awkward ice breakers that professors come up with. As a teaching assistant I never made my students do it and just let them be social on their own terms. However, I can see why they do it (most of my students preferred not to talk) and so here are five facts about me to act as an ice breaker for the beginning of this blog.


  1. I attended the University of Maryland for my Bachelor’s degree in geography and am currently working on my Master’s in international development policy with a focus in non-profit management and leadership.
  2. I have a love for turtles, which can be represented by the unhealthy amount of turtle knick knacks in my apartment. Also, it helps that my school’s mascot is a diamondback terrapin.
  3. Currently living in the D.C. area and am from Maryland. I’ve lived in Maryland for most of my life and as such have a healthy obsession with our flag.
  4. Reading is my favorite hobby and you can almost always find me with a book. I will admit to getting sucked into books and forgetting the world exists until I reach the final page.
  5. I’m curious what the world has to offer us and plan to share what I find right here.

In my junior level english class our professor had us sit in a semi-circle and the first person said their name, major, and favorite hobby and then the next person had to say everyone before them…I was second to last.

Whats the worst ice breaker you’ve ever had to do? Do you have a favorite?